8 Variety Pack Bowl Cozy - $8 Discount

8 Variety Pack Bowl Cozy - $8 Discount

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Over the years, we've had so many great fabrics but only have a yard or two left. We've decided to make these into bowls! This 8 pack comes with a variety of patterns that we choose. This makes it easier for us to use these awesome fabrics and give you a discount of $1 each. Making each bowl $8. 

More about these bowls:

Microwave soup or leftovers without burning your hands! Place your bowl inside the cozy and microwave. Take it out by lifting the corners. It also works great for cold dishes like ice cream. 

Only microwave for 2-3 minutes at a time. Stop, stir and repeat. The cozy is not meant to cook for long periods of time. Do not microwave without food. Not to be used in convection microwave ovens. 

Fits most standard bowls up to 5" on the bottom. Bowl not included. 

Made with 100% cotton material. Reversible.

Machine wash cold/warm, tumble dry low or air dry.